Meet Maggie!

We may be late, but we’re back–it’s time to introduce another dazzling member of our Editorial Council to the world! With finals wrapped up at BC once and for all, we know (if you’re anything like us) that you have lots of time on your hands at home. What better way to spend it then right here with the multi-talented members of The Laughing Medusa?

To recap, our magazine is edited, designed, published, and promoted by a small group of BC’s undergraduate women each year, and we count ourselves lucky to attract some of the smartest and savviest snake-ladies that Boston College has to offer. Putting together a full publication each semester is a labor of love, and this year we’re turning the spotlight to the group of 13 awesome women who make it possible. Check back all winter break to meet the full council, head here if you missed getting to know Tiffany last week, and read on right now to meet the magnificent Maggie McQuade!

Maggie 1

Maggie is another one of our new members on the Medusa Editorial Council this year. A sophomore English major, Maggie also manages to make time outside of her Medusa duties to serve on the editorial board of Colloquium. She’s a member of the Shaw Leadership Council and has previously interned with a literacy nonprofit in Chicago that facilitated a creative writing workshop for teenagers. Here’s what Maggie had to say to our questions!

Favorite literary quote?

“I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot.” – Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger

Personal female icon?

Emma Watson. She not only brought another female icon to life in her role of Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, but has been integral in making feminism a more mainstream movement. Her class and intelligence has inspired me to be more vocal about my beliefs while looking incredible at the same time.

Where you can find her outside of the Medusa:

On any given day, you can find her in the Rat, stuffing her face with cereal and baked goods. She’s usually rushing to get her reading done for her next class, or playing her favorite game, Nitrotype. Also check out Maggie on her personal Instagram to get to know her even better!

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