Meet Celia!

WE’RE BACK! It’s the first day of the semester, and we here at The Laughing Medusa are already working hard to make this an incredible spring for our magazine and our readers. As we all settle back into campus and bundle up against the cold, we think it’s time to show off another of our fabulous members in a new installment of our Meet the Council series. It’s syllabus week, so take a break, settle in, and enjoy your freedom before the semester gets real by getting to know one of our very own.

To recap, our magazine is edited, designed, published, and promoted by a small group of BC’s undergraduate women each year, and we count ourselves lucky to attract some of the smartest and savviest snake-ladies that Boston College has to offer. Putting together a full publication each semester is a labor of love, and this year we’re turning the spotlight to the group of 13 awesome women who make it possible. Check back over the next few weeks to meet the full council, head here if you missed getting to know Rose last week, and read on right now to meet the Midwestern gem that is Celia Smithmier!

Celia 1

Celia is a sophomore English major who has been a part of the Medusa fam since 2016. Outside of our meetings, Celia is also one of the hardworking forces behind the recently revived English Association (check it out!), where she serves as Vice President. If you find yourself with heart eyes over the photos you see here on the site, you can thank Celia—she’s one of our two primary photographers for all things Medusa! You can also check out her work in our recently published zine, but before you do, here’s a few more facts about this talented lady:

Favorite literary quote?

The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless.” The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

Personal female icon?

All of my grandmothers. I am lucky enough to have four, and four strong, feminist fighters at that. They’ve each taught me the importance of self-advocacy, respect, and that the future is female. 

Where you can find her outside of the Medusa:

In your local record store, behind the camera, or cramming essays in the English department. Also check out Celia on Twitter or friend her on Facebook to see more of her personal awesomeness.

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