Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone! We hoped you liked last week’s post, and enjoy our series! Continuing on the trend of “throwbacks,” today we bring more great poetry from a past issue of the Laughing Medusa to brighten your day.

As part of the celebration for our new online home this year, we’ve started featuring a selection of some of our favorite pieces from previous print issues of our magazine. Each piece has been selected by a member of our Editorial Council, who’ve been kind enough to tell us why they love it (and why they hope you will, too). If this week’s choice or any others leave you wanting more—and we hope they do—be sure to check out the full version of our latest issue, now available online under that “Our Current Issue” tab you’ll find above.

This week, the featured poem is midnight, by Natasha Bednarz, and was chosen by our fearless leader, Bailey. Here is what she has to say about it:

I still remember reading this piece when it was first submitted and thinking it was a short poem done right. It’s the perfect snapshot, and every sparing detail from the Turkish cigarettes to the crucifixes drops you right into the feeling of a midnight somewhere cold but familiar. I want to know these kids, the narrator, and their stories, and that’s always the mark of a successful piece to me.
Read on for the full piece:
I spied two kids stealing time on my stoop
smoking Turkish cigarettes and whispering intermittently.
I thought about scaring them off,
but my sprinklers got to them first.
They jumped up in surprise—
running down the haunted street,
bandy-legged and cold;
I could hear their twin crucifixes jingling away into the night.


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