Throwback Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, Medusa fans! We hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful long weekend and Marathon Monday. To start off this short week, how about reading some fabulous poetry?  If you missed our last post, feel free to read it here! Today we bring more great poetry from a past issue of the Laughing Medusa.

As part of the celebration for our new online home this year, we’ve started featuring a selection of some of our favorite pieces from previous print issues of our magazine. Each piece has been selected by a member of our Editorial Council, who’ve been kind enough to tell us why they love it (and why they hope you will, too). If this week’s choice or any others leave you wanting more—and we hope they do—be sure to check out the full version of our latest issue, now available online under that “Our Current Issue” tab you’ll find above.

This week, the featured poem is Dry Fire, featured in the Spring 2015 issue and written by Sophia Valesca Görgen. This piece was chosen by the amazing Ji.

Here is what she has to say about it:

 “It’s beautifully written—the words she chooses are so evocative and appealing to the senses, and there’s an incredible juxtaposition of dramatic suspense and approachable imagery.”
Read on for the full poem:


Dry Fire

A bow dry fired

might crack, snap with shivers

up its limbs. It presses tattoos

of lumped blood into skin, marking

mistakes with the bite—then the fade

of bilirubin. She hopes

he will let her touch him

by the shoulder when he notches

the arrow, draws back.

He should save his dry energy

for the night, for after hours’

champagne and bagel bites,

for sketching outlines on her back

of knobbed vertebrae. His calluses

have been rubbed through the tab

from hundreds of arrow ends.

She is waiting, certain of the bruising,

certain of the snap.

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