Happy finals week! We know it’s been a while, but we hope you didn’t think we’d round out the school year without saying goodbye. It’s been a busy few weeks for the Medusa, and we want to share all of the exciting moments and hard work that our council members have been a part of behind the scenes. Plus, read on to get a digital look at our newest issue (!) and find out where you can go grab one yourself!
Before we get to that, we want to give a shout out to all of our council members for putting all of their blood, sweat, and tears into making this year’s magazine a reality. 11 women (and one overseas Skyper from abroad) piled into our offices at 10 Stone Ave. for Layout Weekend 2k18.
We received more submissions than ever this year, and the deliberation period was tough. Over the weekend, we challenged ourselves to make bold choices and broaden the scope of women’s experience included in our magazine. Congratulations to all of our authors, poets, and artists that were accepted into the magazine! We couldn’t be more excited about your work.
Soon enough the magazines were fresh off the press and it was time to celebrate! Thank you to those who joined us or presented their work at our Arts Fest launch party and reading. There were friends and family packed in the audience and some amazing writing to grace our ears in the Stokes Art Tent. We were delighted to take this yearly opportunity to officially welcome all of our new accepted artists and authors into the Medusa family. This was also the moment at which we were able to finally unveil our beautiful magazine, which we still can’t stop staring at. Grab one from any academic building around campus before you leave for the summer!
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The readings had to end eventually (don’t worry, there will be more next year!), but that meant the celebrating (and snacking) could really begin! We moved the party to Stokes, where the Medusas and their families were kind enough to prepare an array of delicious bites—including some donuts, because YUM. We were happy to be able to get so many incredible women and their loved ones together in one room to celebrate our achievements together.
There were pictures, there were laughs, there were goodbyes. This is our last event of the season and we cannot thank you—our readers, authors, and artists—enough for making our work worthwhile. The end of this semester marks some endings and a whole lot of good beginnings brewing for next year. We think it will be our best year yet, and we hope you stick around to see it. Finally, we wish all of our luck to Claire Kramer and Bailey Flynn (EIC ’18), our graduating seniors, and wish a hearty welcome to incoming Editor in Chief, Taylor Puccini!
Thank you for sticking with us and reading along all this semester! We hope you’ll be enjoying the summer like we are—stretched out in the sun with our newest issue cracked open for a good read (:

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