Welcome back from us snakes at Medusa! We held our first event of the spring semester on February 28th at CoRo Café. Thank you to everyone who came and who participated, it was fantastic to see everyone there! We hope you all enjoyed the music and poetry offerings.

Facilitated by our editor-in-chief, Taylor Puccini, the event was open to all. It was a night to share art and music, as well as a call to bring more marginalized and female voices to the foreground on campus. We invite any and all who share in this mission to attend or read at our future events, and especially to submit to our zine and full spring magazine!

While the talented musicians of the Music Guild brought tunes both original and classic to the night, the women from our last issue and snakes from our council delivered a wonderful selection of poetry and prose. Ranging from pithy commentary to lyrical reflections on our lives and times, the poets from our open mic offered a peak into what it means to be women in our contemporary context, with a dash of lighthearted fun and humor as well.

With submissions for our spring issue in, we’re hard at work reviewing all of your lovely creative work and deciding on layout for our biggest publication of the year. Though the busiest few weeks in our Medusa year, we value the camaraderie and art we share. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this process, most of all to our lovely poets and artists who submit to the Medusa and make this publication possible. We love reading and seeing all your art, poetry and prose. To any who missed the spring deadline, we encourage you to consider submitting to our zine this coming fall!

Look out for Laughing Medusa at Arts Fest in April, where we will also be unveiling our spring mag and reading some of its highlights.

Open Mic Night at CoRo Café

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