A Warm Welcome Back

Alternate title: McMullen McMullen McMullen (read to the tune of A Milli by Lil Wayne)

We’re back baby, did you miss us?

Laughing Medusa’s own Lexie Slotterback and Pam Zhou as well as an absolutely bumping crowd

Laughing Medusa is incredibly excited to announce we have just had our first in person event since the onset of COVID! We are so grateful to the McMullen Museum of Art for welcoming us back once again. Big thank you to Stylus as well for co-hosting this event with us. The two Editors in Chief, Lexie and Patrick, did a phenomenal job directing the night as well as performing their own pieces. I do believe it was their welcoming (soothing yet professional) presence that encouraged so many people to read. We had many brave souls share their poems. After witnessing such a profound lack of talent on campus, @myself trying to scoop out an appropriate portion of breakfast potatoes, I was floored by the incredibly poets in our midst. Thank you to all those who came out to support, listeners and readers alike. We cannot wait to see even more faces at our next event, whatever and whenever that maybe.

Obligatory housekeeping matters (that are exciting and important I swear, keep reading coward). Our zine submission deadline is quickly approaching on October 31th, so if you were one of the lovely people that read please send that our way. Or if you kept promising yourself you’d raise your hand after the next poet, now is your chance my dear. Even if you missed this open mic, we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to maintain a solely bystander/support role, (it’s ok, we still love you, I understand) be on the lookout for our zine release coming to you later this semester!

Hugs and Hisses,

Laughing Medusa

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